Comprehensive BTS Site Consulting

Multi-faceted telecommunications consulting focused on the reduction of remote site operating expenditure.

Energy Metering
An effective way of clamping down on remote site operational cost is by monitoring energy consumption. By understanding your site's energy usage you have the power to improve its energy efficiency. BTS Revenue Assurance is here to help every step of the way.

Site Management Consulting

Improved Site Management Systems

Property Management Consulting

Lease Management and Lease Negotiations

Opex Reduction

Multi-faceted Remote Site Cost Reduction

Site Audits

Site Governance and Good Practice

  • Site Status

    See the location and status of your sites in real time.

  • Statements

    Download and view energy consumption statements for your sites.

  • Regions

    Set regions that you're interested in so that you only see sites in those regions.

  • BTS App

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